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Spring Flower Stills…Lensbaby Blog Circle

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This is my second post for the Lensbaby Blog Circle. We are a group of photographers from around the world in love with the special, soft effects of the Lensbaby lenses, and every month each of us is photographing a project–a “day in the life” or a group of photos around a central theme, such as, in this case, still photos of spring flowers. I had hoped to photograph them outside in their natural habitat, but unfortunately, our chilly Minnesota April refused to cooperate with my plans; this April was the fifth coldest since records began being kept in the 1800s and the second snowiest! 

At the moment, my sole Lensbaby is the Velvet56, which lends a softness and glow, particularly at wider apertures. Most of these were shot at f4. I find the manual focus tricky. There is a fine line between the soft look I want and too much blur, and I’m still trying to find it. Actually, recently I’ve been thinking that my diopter needed adjusting or that I had really lost any skills I’ve gained, as most of my photographs had definitely crossed the line into mostly blur! This weekend, however, I finally went to the eye doctor (for the first time in four years–oops) and discovered that my eyes have changed drastically for the better! No wonder everything was so blurry through my glasses. So I ask you to be patient with my blur this month, next month I will have my new, lighter prescription.

To cheer me up before our first big snowstorm, my husband found me some gorgeous purple tulips.


(As you can see, I like to play around with different textures and presets.) Next came the purple–yes, more purple!–hyacinths:


Then yesterday I found a tiny peach rose bush for my window sill.  I know roses, aren’t technically spring flowers, but the peach color is a spring color, right? So that gives me an excuse to include them here:


And now I will leave you, with one last image I shot this morning after our first rainfall of the season, as proof that the long, cold winter is over and spring really and truly has arrived:


Next up in the circle is Keri Friedman’s story of her exploration of her local Dharma Rain Zen Center. Check out her marvelous photojournalistic approach:

6 Replies to “Spring Flower Stills…Lensbaby Blog Circle”

  1. Nature’s purple is indeed one of the prettiest colours around! However, the image which really grabbed my attention was one of the peach rose ones – the second one from the top. Love that mason jar as a vase!

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    1. Oh, no, I just discovered this! I am so sorry Birgit–I appreciate your comment so much, my dear…and I’m glad you like my peach roses, I was so thrilled to find them, and I love putting roses in mason jars for some reason. Please forgive my tardy response. It’s been a month of migraines and fibromyalgia as well as spring flowers, I’m afraid, and I’ve gotten behind in everything!

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    1. Any time you’d like to pop on up to Minnesota for a spot of tea, I’d love to see you! Especailly now that it’s summer and I can prmise you nice weather and pretty flowers in my backyard. I’m so sorry for my horribly late response…May was a month of migraines and fibromyalgia and I have gotten dreadfully behind in everything!

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