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Lensbaby Blog Circle: Blossom Explosions

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This is my third post for the Lensbaby Blog Circle. We are a group of photographers from around the world in love with the special, soft and/or funky effects of the Lensbaby lenses, and every month each of us is photographing a project–a “day in the life” or a group of photos around a central theme, such as, here again, still photos of spring flowers…I had hoped to go for a day-long excursion to a spot like the Minnesota Arboretum but naturally, a migraine struck that day; luckily I have a tiny indoor studio in a corner of our house that I can potter around in to my heart’s content, taking photograph after photograph of spring florals, all from my own backyard. (For some blossoms in situ, see an earlier May post, “Joyful Blossoms‘.)

Here is my one exception, some glorious ruffly “Rose” tulips that I found at our grocer, Trader Joe’s. It was love at first sight.


Our May flowers always come in a very specific order, first tulips (bunnies ate all of ours, which is why I had to purchase some), then, crabapple blossoms, then lilacs, then peonies…although the peonies were an extra treat thanks to an ungodly heatwave the last week of May. We don’t usually get them until June. So on to the crabapple blossoms, which lasted about three days until the wind took them down!

And onward to the lilacs…if only I could photograph the scent, too!

Finally, the glorious, ruffly peonies. We have two colors, bright pink and maroon, but only the pinks are blooming–and are they ever!–right now. They are so ruffly they remind me of ladies with old-fashioned lacy petticoats.

The earth laughs in flowers–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Check out some truly wonderful photography by fellow Blog Circle Member Melita Kyle!

4 Replies to “Lensbaby Blog Circle: Blossom Explosions”

    1. Katrin, such a lovely compliment, thank you! I have been enjoying playing around with textures lately. I must say, it’s quite an honor to be included in a Blog Circle with such talented photographers as you…thanks for stopping by!

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