Gingerfancy Photography


Gingerfancy Photography is owned by Barbara Marincel of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She began taking nature photos a few years ago with an iPod (yes, an iPod), hoping that a new creative endeavor might help her jazz up her writing, Much to her surprise, she fell head over heels in love with photography, even with just an iPod, and hasn’t stopped shooting since! (She has since moved on to a DSLR.) Barbara does primarily still life and nature photography, including macro photography.

Creatively, she is inspired by nature, especially the beauty of flowers, impressionism and post-impressionism, the Great Lakes, and poetry. In addition, she loves all things vintage that have a story to tell, especially her vast collection of family mementos. Along with her regular digital photography, she loves to experiment with digital art, especially textures, tints, and typography. Her work has been licensed and purchased by Getty Images and sold through Redbubble, Society6, Twenty20, and featured in Bella Grace magazine.

And yes, as the name implies, she is a redhead.